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the Time Capsule is your chance to get access to purchase Sold Out Capsule Hats collections. This is a free promotion that is running until the end of the year.

How to Enter: Any purchase on until the end of the 2021 will receive a free Time Capsule Scratch Off ticket.


Scratch the grey area to reveal if you have won. It will reveal either:

1: "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME" - This means you have not won.

2: "WINNER, CODE: _______" With a unique 6 digit code.

If you reveal a winning code, then scan the barcode on the back of the ticket with your phone to be brought to a waiver form.

Fill out the form with the winning code and your info, including your address and hat size.Do not reach out to us after filling out the form, just wait and we will contact you after verifying the authenticity of the winning code.

We will then reach out to you with options for Time Capsule Hats that are available in your size. You will be allowed to choose ONE hat from a previous collection in your size to purchase. Winners will be allowed to purchase a Time Capsule hat for original retail price ($50)

Thank you for entering