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Movie Collection

Movie Collection

Capsule Hats Movie Collection

Online Release:

When:  Thursday, August 11th 4pm EST

Which Hats: All

In-Store Release

When: Saturday, August 13th 11am EST 

Where: Laced Up Manhattan, 684 Broadway, New York NY 10012 

Which Hats: All

Seattle Mariners White/Orange Hat with 40th Anniversary Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

Brooklyn Dodgers Green/Yellow Hat with 1955 World Series Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

Boston Red Sox Blue/Red Hat with 1961 All Star Game Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

Arizona Diamondbacks Brown/Yellow Hat with Inaugural Season Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

Atlanta Braves Tan/Red Hat with 1996 World Series Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

Washington Nationals Purple/Red Hat with 10 Years Patch (Capsule Movie Pin)

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